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How Befriending Networks cut training creation time by 82%

Myskillcamp has hundreds of clients from just as many sectors. What's amazing is seeing how each sector uses myskillcamp, what they like about the platform and how it helps them achieve their goals.

Recently we talked to Victoria Galloway, Learning and Development Manager at Befriending Networks.

Victoria joined Befriending Networks in 2018 as the Learning and Development Officer, developing, designing and facilitating training events and resources.

Experienced in both the education and third-sector, Victoria is a graduate of Media and uses this design and creative awareness to construct clear, accessible and interactive resources and materials for education and training purposes. Completing her Masters in Social Innovation in 2021, Victoria is injecting new concepts and training to Befriending Networks on sustainability, collaboration methods, capacity growth and impact measurement.

Having worked in a classroom environment previously, Victoria loves interacting with students and developing new learning opportunities. Having done numerous voluntary roles herself, she enjoys supporting the development of volunteers within UK charities, as well as the staff.

As Befriending Networks is a charity intermediary, there are plenty of different charities, projects and people to cater for in terms of training. Not to mention Befriending Networks' goal to influence National Policy and reduce loneliness and isolation.

Discover the 5 main reasons why Befriending Networks, and other charities like them use myskillcamp.


1. The potential of our services

My management agreeing to allow me to get training networks on myskillcamp was a bit like Christmas morning. 🎁 

Befriending Networks is relatively new to the Skills Delivery Platform, Victoria explains, "Our previous training platform was very limited and since I'm the one who designs and delivers the training I could see how limited it was". Further explaining that the learner experience was poor which lead to Victoria looking for other providers.

Victoria explains the first introduction to myskillcamp, "If I had the power to say yes [to becoming a customer] in the video call I would have"!

Further explaining, "Everything was an improvement and if I could design something [a training platform] from scratch it would be very similar".

When looking at the course creation capabilities, Victoria mentions why she didn't simply import what they had on their previous platform into myskillcamp, "It didn't make sense to, when we had all these toys to play with on myskillcamp, why wouldn't we play with them?" Victoria lists the multimedia tools she's now added to her courses, "We've got our videos, we've got our quizzes, a breakdown of pages and now all learner types are catered to... plus everything is then a pdf that can be downloaded at the end of the course".

2. Customer experience

"I feel like we’ve invested in a company that actually cares."

Knowing you can talk to a real person is always helpful, and not just for those depending on charities. It was myskillcamp's customer experience that became a benefit to Befriending Networks.

Victoria explains the difference between the old training provider and myskillcamp, "The customer service level has been very strong. With our previous platform we never got a phone call in all the years of working with them and if we had a question they would just send us a url to fill in what the issue was".

"With myskillcamp, even on day one, it was a totally different experience. But actually being able to say to someone, 'I need help' and being able to go on a video call when someone is stuck."

Victoria summarised by saying, "We knew we were in safe hands which actually helped when pitching myskillcamp to the board of trustees. Saying, 'this company will actually help'".


3. User experience for Befriending Networks

"On our old system it would take four hours 20 to do what we now do on myskillcamp in just 45 minutes."

It's important that myskillcamp is easy to use, especially for those who are creating and overseeing the success of courses.

Victoria comments, "For me it’s the progress bars, showing the percentage of completion. For a learner I think that’s really good because I could log on, having not being on myskillcamp for a few days but instantly realise what I have to finish and what chapter I'm on".

"Also though as a marker of the work, I go into corrections and instantly see what I need to do in terms of my job list, and the fact that it’s all on one page. Rather than having to go through all the training pages or individual user and break it down that way... it’s probably my favourite feature".


4. User experience for Befriending Networks customers

"Myskillcamp is a lot more manageable for who the target audience is."

For L&D in general, ensuring your learners use the platform and stay engaged with their courses is a constant struggle, so a platform with good UX is one less problem.

Victoria recalled the conversation with a volunteer who did training with both Befriending Networks’ old training provider and myskillcamp, who observed, "It’s like doing training with a completely different company".

Victoria comments, "I know that with many charity staff, technology is not their friend..." and that "...Because they work with charities, most charity workers are part time, so they often spin many plates so taking training needs to be fast and efficient and not complicated". Therefore, myskillcamp's customer service and simple-to-use platform is perfect for charity staff who seek out training.


5. Personalisation

"Although it is a course designed for all, to make it as individualised as possible and get to know our learners."

The ability to make courses personal to the learner isn't a new concept. What is new, however, are the methods used to achieve it. Myskillcamp's skills delivery platform allows course creators to personalise their training in a number of ways.

Victoria describes one way Befriending Networks personalises their courses with myskillcamp, "There are four of us doing the courses, to make sure members know [us], we put short intro videos of who is heading up the course, what the course is about, and who they’ll see on the last day when we meet".

Continuing, "Yes, you can accommodate it to your own schedule, but you are still engaged with training, and we are still here, and we are still monitoring and we do want to know how you’re getting on and want to meet you and discuss your work".

Using myskillcamp

With a whole host of services that can be used to create a full-circle learning strategy, myskillcamp can be used to revolutionise training in any industry.

To experience it for yourself, visit our website and book a call.