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Qualiopi certification: myskillcamp can help you!

On 1 January 2022, "Qualiopi" certification will become a legal obligation for all organisations that offer training, skills assessment, VAE or apprenticeship courses and receive public funding in this respect, regardless of the source of this funding. If your company receives funding for the training it provides to its employees, this also concerns you.

What is Qualiopi certification?

Qualiopi certification goes further than existing certifications - for example Datadock or CNEFOP-recognised certifications. It validates the quality of the training process implemented, on the basis of a reference framework of 7 criteria broken down into 22 common indicators, to which are added 10 indicators specific to the various skills development actions. These criteria concern, of course, the quality of the training itself, and require, for example, the precise identification of training objectives and the use of qualified trainers. But they also go further: for example, training organisations must prove that they collect and take into account participants' feedback and complaints.

Myskillcamp can help!

If you already use myskillcamp, this last criterion will be familiar to you, as the collection of participant feedback and the opportunities for interaction about the quality of the courses are already at the heart of the myskillcamp learning experience. In fact, this is the case for all Qualiopi criteria. This is only logical: the new regulations place the emphasis on compliance with the latest good practice in training and evaluation. This is exactly the philosophy on which myskillcamp has been built from the start: to provide companies with all the tools they need to implement best practice in training. It is therefore not surprising that our platform is ideally positioned to help our clients meet the requirements of Qualiopi certification.


A tool for assisted creation of learning paths

The learning paths you can create in myskillcamp are the perfect illustration of this structured framework. As soon as you access "my learning paths" in the "I create" section of your myskillcamp space, you can create and adjust all aspects of the training path you are developing: description of the path, list of skills acquired, training activities, training content available online, discussion forums between participants, tools for taking attendance, questionnaires for evaluating skills acquired, participant satisfaction forms, feedback tools, etc. All of these elements are in line with Qualiopi's criteria.

A wide range of certified training courses

Your learning paths can contain both courses developed by your own teams - with the help of our authoring tools - and courses purchased from training providers. Our myskillcamp marketplace gives you access to thousands of courses provided by reputable training organisations. Many of these partners are Qualiopi certified and offer content that is eligible for the CPF, so you can include it in your learning programme with the certainty that it meets the new certification requirements.


A structured framework

In addition, as recommended by Qualiopi, myskillcamp offers you structured support for your learning paths. This starts with statistics to measure their effectiveness. As soon as your courses have been activated, myskillcamp automatically collects a series of statistics enabling individual and group monitoring of participants, as well as an overall evaluation of the courses and training: participants' learning history, performance evaluation, usage reports, commitment rate (individual and by group), course completion rate, etc. All this information enables you to set up a real follow-up of learners and a policy of prevention of course breaks, one of the indicators measured during certification.

A facilitated certification process

Myskillcamp is therefore the ideal platform to develop your company's training activities in compliance with the Qualiopi certification criteria... and to prove it during your certification audit. Our platform brings together in one place all the information related to your training activities and allows you to answer quickly and accurately the questions you will be asked during the Qualiopi audit procedure.

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