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Podcast takeaways: Shaping tomorrow's employees

Mypodcamp 3

  • How is tomorrow's workforce being shaped?
  • Are Gen Z expecting eLearning in their education and careers?
  • Which skills do employers need to teach their workforce?

In March 2022 mypodcamp interviewed James Kieft from Activate Learning to answer these questions. You can listen to the podcast here.

Podcast snippet

But if you'd rather get the main takeaways bitesize chunks, stay put.

  • Gen Z are not tech gurus. They may be digital natives to social media and smartphones, but they will need training on work-based tech.
  • Personalisation is an important factor in further education too. We think of personalisation as something that really affects learners taking eLearning courses for their careers. However, personalisation is also used in further education to motivate students to learn.
  • There are many reasons why employers should make upskilling a priority.

1) Employees who are invested in will be retained for longer. This means lower recruitment costs

2) Training boosts motivation and a motivated employee is more productive

3) Your star employees won't be with you forever, by training all employees you have pipeline of talent that will be ready to take over roles when a person leaves

4) Having your employer care about your career helps wellbeing, which has been looked over for a while leading to burnout being a common occurrence

  • eLearning is here to stay. As we are comfortable with technology, people will continue to expect that they can learn any time, any place, anywhere. And since eLearning makes that possible, it won't fade away. Also, lifelong learning will become the norm as skills and new tech develop faster and we have more competition for jobs.

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