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Podcast Takeaways: Cultivating a Learning Mindset

Mypodcamp Episode 6: Cultivating a learning mindset is available now. Our guest was Annabel Moniram, a Learning and Development Manager from the consultancy firm, Clarasys. Clarasys is an experience consultancy firm based in London and Boston.

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Key takeaways

Learning is the main language. Learning and development and teaching are different dialects.

  • Not everyone is going to love learning, but making courses relevant to the learner is a key way to keep those who don't have a love of learning, engaged.
  • Techniques for cultivating learning mindset - especially for those who don't love learning.

-Use peer feedback: if a friend/colleague is seen to like a course, the reluctant learner will be more willing to take the course too, either due to their feedback or peer pressure.

-Role modelling: Seeing a respected member of management take a course and progress may encourage a reluctant learner to do the same.

-Give learners time to learn: Don't take learners out of their 'flow of work' give them bitesize courses that are downloadable and readily available.

-Reinforce positive behaviour: If someone finds motivation to take a course that will better your business performance, then they should be congratulated by their managers or even those in L&D.

  • Immediately issuing training to solve a knowledge or skill gap may not be the best answer.

It's best to find out what the issue is first: is it management, time, burnout, misunderstanding? Start with a performance consulting mindset!

Read more about how to design training based on performance consulting with the book mentioned in the podcast: Cathy Moore, Map it

  • Companies now need training software that has AI and machine learning capabilities.

This is the best way to personalise what each learner sees based on their interests, previous courses and needs. It's the Netflix of learning.

  • Personalising at scale, it's not just about technology.

It's about Adaptive Learning and also involves the ability of a learner to talk freely to their managers, coaches and are being supported by the learning pathway to give them clear ways to achieve their goals.

  • There are two main mindsets: Fixed and Growth. A growth mindset is something a company has to cultivate.

Fixed mindset: Believe that their core capabilities remain the same over time.

Growth mindset/learning mindset: Believe that their core capabilities develop over time.

  • A challenge for L&D managers is cultivating a learning mindset within leaders. Today's leaders need to be curious, creative, flexible and comfortable being in the unknown.

Here's the Harvard business Review article mentioned in the podcast.

  • Everyone needs to be a learner. They need to develop a lifelong learning culture and realise that within their career(s) they will need to upskill.

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