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Client Case: UPskill

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Question 1: Why the need to digitise yourself?

Adaptability is central to UPskill's DNA. This adaptability applies to the circumstances encountered by the team, the audiences and the clients it serves. This is why UPskill has been developing its digital division for several years. This development has focused on the acquisition of in-house management tools as well as a panel of specialised tools for supporting our learners in the field and at a distance.

Question 2: What are the reasons for choosing myskillcamp?

We have long been looking for a tool that could match our needs and the needs of our clients. After an inventory of the various existing LMSs, our choice was made for myskillcamp. Its compatibility with a multitude of current digital platforms and tools, the user experience it offers and the possibilities of remote monitoring and support convinced us.

Question 3: Is blended learning a good idea or a bad idea?

Good, 100%! This methodology, which combines several different training methods, now enables us to offer customised support that puts our training methods at the service of our learners. We can therefore optimise the transfer of learning by offering distance theoretical input before, during and after the course. In this way, face-to-face time is enhanced and learners can become more involved in the subject matter. This format also allows for more interaction between learners who no longer necessarily need to see each other "live" to share and exchange. Everything becomes possible.

Question 4: How did your internal and external trainers approach this project?

The project has been fairly well received by all the trainers who work with UPskill. In particular, it met the direct needs of our external trainers, namely easier communication (one channel for all) and more exchanges (documents, information, tools, etc.). The myskillcamp platform really enabled us to meet these expectations. Internally, the playful side of the platform has also convinced even the most reluctant to use the technology.

Question 5: What do your customers think of this new learning experience?

For some of our clients who have not yet been able to test this style of learning and platform, curiosity comes first. For others who are more familiar with this type of pedagogy, it is a validation of the methodology that is expressed.

Conclusion: A word of advice for all those who are starting out?

Dare! Sometimes the multiplication of digital tools can be frightening. We should not hesitate to take the plunge because it is by experimenting that we learn best and evolve. However, you must take the time to choose the right tools and to identify your objectives so that the technology serves the objective and not the other way round.

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