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Case Study: Helping Quesacoach get Qualiopi certified


If you are familiar with the training world in France, you'll be aware of the need for Qualiopi certification. Love it or loathe it, if you're a training organisation in France, you need it. Luckily, many companies out there are offering helping hands.

Myskillcamp is one such company, and this case study follows the training organisation, Quesacoach in their journey to become Qualiopi certified and what it means for them.

Who is Quesacoach?

Seeing as Quèsaco means “what is it?” in French, it seems a fitting question to start with, don't you think? Co-founded by Kevin Laigle, Quesacoach provides distance learning courses that allows learners to advance their careers. Offering video-coaching sessions, interactive media, online quizzes and various social functions, Quesacoach aims to make courses engaging and eliminate the all-to-familiar pitfall of feeling alone while learning from afar.

The training offered includes: Home decor training, Interior decoration training, Business creation training, Montessori method training, sketch-up training, photoshop training, indesign training and english courses... and now, extra courses provided by myskillcamp.

The need for Qualiopi

From 1st January 2022, it's compulsory for French training organisations to be Qualiopi certified... happy new year to you too.

Qualiopi requires that all skills development providers obtain certification from a third-party organisation, based on a single set of nationwide guidelines. The objective of this single certification is to prove the quality of courses and providers.

However, not all training providers see this certification as a proof of quality, but rather 'procedure being prioritised over substance'.

It's therefore clear to see why Quesacoach needed this certification, but unlike other training organisations, they didn't view the certification as a constraint.

As seen from their LinkedIn post; "Often perceived as a constraint by some training centres, we see it on the contrary, as an opportunity to improve ourselves every day and more broadly to evolve the professional #training sector".

Why Quesacoach chose myskillcamp

1) Help with Qualiopi

Quesacoach was looking for a LMS while already having Qualiopi in mind, so when they approached myskillcamp, they wanted to know how we could help them achieve Qualiopi compliance.

Kevin Laigle stated, "Before our audit, Myskillcamp sent us a study on the requirements that we could be confident of satisfying with Qualiopi and this covered 75% of cases. Again, thanks to the flexibility of the software we can say that we have met 85% of the requirements". Carrying on to say, "Following our software audit, we realised that this solution (myskillcamp) would enable us to address many areas".

2) The all-in-one training hosting platform

As Kevin explains, "As a 100% digital training centre, we chose our LMS with great care"! Luckily, myskillcamp's all-in-one training platform fit the bill.

"As we often say, our platform is the digital equivalent of a great address, a place where you feel good and where you want to stay to learn and talk... From this perspective, myskillcamp is both an aesthetic and ergonomic success".

After two weeks of consideration, myskillcamp proved to be the most technically advanced, most easily adaptable to create learning experiences and the most geared towards social learning, for Quesacoach.

Kevin added, "It was the human qualities of the sales and onboarding team that finally convinced us".

You can see if myskillcamp fits your needs too.

Quesacoach using myskillcamp

Quesacoach has wasted no time in getting their training set up within the myskillcamp LXP: "We have created a learning path for our subcontractors to be able to access the reference framework and test their knowledge of the Qualiopi standards as well as for a training pathway"! And "We have set up a specific training camp for our stakeholders, based on our own modules and myskillcamp partner content".

"I am always very enthusiastic about the myskillcamp platform, and immediately recommend it when I meet a player in the sector"! Kevin adds.

You too can offer off-the-shelf content along with your own content when hosting your training on myskillcamp.

Why you should choose myskillcamp to assist with Qualiopi certifications

"We are completely satisfied because myskillcamp really enabled us to structure our Qualiopi approach and easily demonstrate our commitments to quality"! - Kevin Laigle, Co-Founder, Quesacoach.

Get help with your certification and maybe even your training, today.